Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sunny California, Here I Come!

Well, it's been an interesting few months to say the very least.  Our family has gone through some significant changes, all for the best, and we've done a lot of learning and growing together.  We also went on vacation (see above pictures) for 10 days to New Mexico and Colorado which, though it was A LOT of work with 4 small children, was a blast. 
We also contacted the clinic in Southern California about treating my CCSVI with stents.  For more information, see I talked to the coordinator today and right now it costs $10,500 (not including stents), but they are going to start billing insurances soon.  So, they're going to call me next week after they've contacted my insurance and get me scheduled.  I know that some docs think stents are dangerous, but in my mind, having my blood not flow is also dangerous.  Feeling fatigued, dizzy, and in pain all the time is miserable, and the lack of blood flow is probably leading to more lesions on my brain and spine.  That's dangerous.  I guess Jake and I are feeling like stenting at this point is the lesser of two evils, and we feel good about moving forward with it.  We are going to continue to research and study on the subject, though, and if you have any information that you think might shed some light, good or bad, please feel free to share!  In fact, share in the comments section, so that more people than just me will see it.  We'll keep you posted, but right now, it looks like I'll be going in May or June.


  1. Oh man, this scares me. Keep us posted. And I'll come back and comment if I find anything we haven't heard before.