Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Good Day!

I feel good today! I've actually felt really good since Saturday and it's been really nice! I think my relapse from the holidays is officially over and I'm determined to feel good for a looooong time:) I've been really trying to eliminate stress from my life as much as possible and trying to eat well, exercise, and just take care of myself. And I think it's helping. The dizziness has been a lot better, my imbalance issues are less, and the pain has decreased a lot. And, perhaps most importantly, the "fog" has lifted. If you have MS, you know what I mean by "fog." It's like your brain is literally clouded over. You can't think clearly, you're tired, and you're just not yourself. It's depressing and crappy and I hate it, so I'm truly grateful to say I'm feeling better.
As far as how Chan the Man (that's how he refers to himself these days) is doing, we spent all morning at Primary Children's today. We had an appointment with the plastic surgeon, x rays in the dental clinic, and an appointment with the orthodontic surgeon. And we got good news everywhere we went! The part of the tongue flap that did heal is in the front of his mouth, which means that the surgeon feels confident about NOT doing a second tongue flap surgery, and moving on to re-trying the bone graft. SO, we're going to do a bone graft where they will take bone from his other hip and graft it into his top gumline on June 6th. Then, the orthodontist looked at the x-rays and said that it looks like the teeth we thought we would lose (canines) look like they are coming down into the tiny sliver of bone that he has from the last bone graft, which means no implants!!! SO EXCITING TO HEAR. We're not positive, but it looks like those teeth are going to survive afterall!! Dr. Yamashiro said, "I'm so happy to be giving you good news for a change!" I was ecstatic.
Anyway, so the tongue flap surgery was a success afterall, in that the hole is now healed at the front of the mouth, leaving the rest of the hole far enough back in the mouth that there shouldn't be any negative communication between the nose and mouth during the bone graft.
Anyway, probably too much information as usual, but mostly I just wanted to let you know that it's been a good day:)
Thanks to each and every one of you who have prayed for Chandler and for our entire family during the past few months. I have felt those prayers strengthen me and I know that Chandler has been comforted by them as well.
Life is good.